Sunday 5 December 2010


On this day in 1901, the physicist Werner Heisenberg was born. Probably.
Yes, I know - you loyal followers and friends of Nigeness deserve better than a lame joke, but early December finds me once again caught up in a workstorm so fierce that it's even engulfing this Day of Rest (hollow laugh) and diverting altogether too much of my mental activity from more pleasurable channels. Normal service will, I hope, resume before long...


  1. Lame? Not at all. Made me snort a laugh and I haven't done that to a physics joke since I heard the one about Max Planck.

  2. Come on Stan - share it...

  3. Joey Joe Joe Jr.5 December 2010 at 20:43

    What a lousy physicist joke Nige, you're such a bohr.

  4. The only Max Planck joke I've come across is that a 2009 edition of the Journal of the Max Planck Institute allegedly had a front cover featuring beautifully laid-out Mandarin script which - unknown to the designer, who had no Chinese - turned out to be an advert for a brothel in Macau rather than a scientific profundity. This would certainly have generated some uncertainty.

    Hope the storm ends soon and that you'll be back in harbour rather than tossed about in mid ocean in search of "fush" as they say on "Trawlermen".

  5. 'Fush' eh? Sounds like New Zealand...