Tuesday 1 March 2011


Fine guesses all, but as Worm came so close to the bullseye with his first shot, I'd best give the answer without further ado... The philosopher in question was Chuck Lorre, co-creator of the highly addictive sitcom Two And A Half Men, starring Charlie Sheen as a considerably toned-down Charlie Sheen. Lorre was writing in response to Sheen's latest career-crashing meltdown, which included much abuse of Lorre, among others, and led to the show's cancellation. Students of these matters will note that Lorre's musings are a conscious pastiche of Sheen's stream-of-consciousness style. The passage quoted was displayed on-screen at the end of the most recent episode of Lorre's latest creation Mike And Molly. Lorre lowered the tone somewhat by signing off with 'Screw Grace, I am so outta here! Questions?'

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  1. I feel for Martin Sheen and for all parents who find themselves in a similar position.