Thursday 9 June 2011

Full of Holes

It's good to see that the organisers of 'London 2012' are keeping up the fine old Nazi tradition of a torch relay - and rather wonderful that, with a five-year lead-in time, they've managed to fail to 'deliver a low-carbon Olympic torch'. As for the design, well... I guess it looks pretty good, as Olympic torches go (which doesn't set the bar very high). I rather like the perforated look - but, like everything else about this flipping torch, the very perforations have a symbolic meaning, each hole representing one of those 'inspirational people' who will carry the torch in the course of the relay. Hmm... As I scrolled down through this story, with mounting incredulity, I discovered that we're not actually talking Olympic Torch here - we're talking 8,000 Olympic torches, each of them to be used once, then sold to the 'inspirational person' who was fool enough to carry it. When it comes to the Olympics, truly you could not make it up.

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