Friday 10 June 2011

What Car Is Ed?

Today the political world has been shaken to its foundations by the shocking revelation that our old friend Gordon Brown and his followers were plotting to replace Tony Blair as leader with GB. Except they weren't, of course - we have Ed Balls's word for it that there was no plot, so that's settled... One of the odd features of this non-project to non-oust TB was the non-attempt to non-rebrand Broon as a Volvo. That, his delusional pollsters had persuaded themselves, was the car with which voters identified their man - a Volvo, byword for, er, boring reliability, I suppose (or perhaps for looking much the same from front and back). For myself, I'd always identified him as a Soviet-era Zil limousine with blacked-out windows. What about Ed Milliband, though - what car on earth could one associate him with?


  1. Thought about Willy's Jeep or a Sinclair - not the C5, but the far more dorky X-1. Then I remembered...the Goggomobil Shopper. Google it and tell me I'm wrong.

  2. Brilliant Mahlerman! You've got it in one!