Thursday, 23 June 2011

Stone Me...

A South African palaeontologist wants to test Shakespeare's bones for evidence that he was a pothead. A quick glance at the concordance suggests that he is surely onto something: Shakespeare uses the word 'weed' 21 times, 'grass' 23 times, 'joint' 22 times and 'pot' 14 times. And he's no stranger to the dope famine either - 'The time is out of joint...' A compelling case, I'm sure you'll agree.


  1. What about Kit Marlowe's "mighty line"? Obviously some Class A action was going down in Deptford?. I'd guess they were all at it. That chap may have more bones to dig for than he realizes.

  2. I believe there are also 31 references to "stone", 8 to "bong" and 1 to "Side 1 of the Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon"

  3. I see a whole new academic field emerging here with impressive publicly funded salaries. The Camberwell Carrot Chair of Pharmacological Poetics is currently vacant Nige if your interested.

    Walt Whitman! Leaves of Grass? I Sing The Body Electric?

    Wow the colo(u)rs man.


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