Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Norbiton Calling

I've just been browsing on this extraordinary website, a thing of strange beauty and wonder, inspired by the South London nowhere known as Norbiton (which, oddly, shares its non-existent quality with the similarly named South London nowhere, Norbury). It seems to me a quite amazing piece of work, which surely deserves to be more widely known.


  1. The site make the Hooting Yard seem certifiably sane.
    Went looking at an apartment in Norbury, 1965 it was. So bad that we thought Sydenham was upmarket and moved there.

    Well, it was right next to Penge.

  2. Ah Penge - two stations! Penge West, Penge East - but no detectable Penge...

  3. Though it does have that neolithic monument - what's it called?... Ah yes, Stonepenge.

  4. I love things like this that seem to have taken a lot of effort in the face of zero reward - in scope it reminds me somewhat of a beige version of Jan Morris' Hav

  5. Little known Penge fact..Rolf Harris used to catch the 8.15 into town from Penge East. Could there possibly be a higher accolade.


  6. Excellent! You are aware that I had the joy of working in Norbiton for two years Nige? THe Norbiton Dragon's a rather nice pub, but other than that it's indeed pretty much nowhere.

  7. Why of course Kate - I thought of you as soon as I found this website existed! It might have transformed yr experience of working there...

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