Tuesday 10 January 2012

Mister Ed

That Man of Destiny Ed Milliband, leader of HM's Loyal Opposition, was interviewed on the radio this morning, offering us a sneak preview of his eagerly awaited New Big Idea for Labour. It's 'fairness'! Sheesh - where does he get them from? Talk about thinking outside the box... Ah, but it's fairness that doesn't cost anything, 'cos there's no money, on account of that nice Gordon Brown having spent it all. Excuse my lapse into the demotic there - it's infectious. Milliband never misses an opportunity for showing off his immaculately honed, down-with-the-kids glottal stop - sorry, glo'al stop - or his man-of-the-people 'gonna', as in 'It's gonna be to'ally fair.' Actually Ed, it's gonna be a to'al disaster, as long as you're in charge. David Cameron must be pinching himself, unable to believe his luck.


  1. But whatever fairness is, it is a good thing to attain to. Sadly it seems more and more elusive and idealistic. Having not been a supporter of NL for a good number of years I find myself ever more baffled and bewildered about HOW. I could devote much of my spare time pondering it all, but think I will be better amused by not. And the funny thing is they all -Milli, Cleggy, and Cameron - like policemen, seem to get younger and younger. How can a chap who only just seems to have emerged from kindergarten possibly think he knows anything, let alone how to 'look after' us all!

  2. Alas they don't know anything - they're career politicians. As for 'fairness', it's such a slippery notion as to be meaningless - which is probably why they're all so keen on it. It's on a par with motherhood and apple pie.

  3. I agree the notion of fairness needs much unravelling and we could all discuss it for far too long too - in our spare time!But would not want to slosh the baby out with the bathwater. Just as I would not like to get rid of mothers and apple pie. Oh it's all so overwhelmingly difficult!
    For all the difficulty and the supposed 'austerity' I don't think I'd want to live anywhere else in the world,though.

    Career politicans indeed. What has happened to integrity? Or is that a slippery notion too? Probably.

  4. I quite like the idea of fairness too, meaningless though it may be. Like Tricia, I find it more and more baffling to imagine how one gets to the promised land. I fear Ed may not be the one who leads us to it though.

    Career politicians they may be - but really, what are the attractions of such a career? You could end up like Tony Blair, of course, squillions of quid in the piggy bank and grand piles galore, or you could end up like Gordon Brown, glowering in North Queensferry and hoping someone, somewhere, will purchase his global leadership skills. Think of Margaret Thatcher, the Elizabeth of her time, now reduced to a sad character in an indifferent film, or John Major.....sorry, who? Ah yes, the traffic cones hotline man.

  5. A career politician with a funny voice who stabbed his brother in the back.

    That's all anybody knows about him; hard to see how he'll escape it.

  6. Exactly, Brit! Where's the glory in that?

    And the money isn't very good either, or so they say (a lot better than mine though).