Friday 6 January 2012

Odd Winter, Forward Spring

The cheeringly sunny Winter Aconites are coming into flower already in Kensington Gardens, with the odd dwarf iris about to do the same, and masses of Chionodoxa (Glory in the Snow) already in full bloom. I saw my first crocuses of the year on new Year's Day, which is ridiculous - and yet I haven't seen a snowdrop in flower yet. I suspect this is because snowdrops are not so sensitive to weather conditions, but obey a more rigorous programme that keeps them coming through and flowering at much the same time every year. If the Odd Winter carries on like this, it will feel as though we've segued straight from autumn into spring with nothing in between. But I suspect a cold snap might be on the way - I spotted the first Redwings I've seen 'in town' this morning. They'll be coming in to feed up on berries if the weather's on the turn.

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