Wednesday 17 April 2013

Comma PS

Holland Park was alive with Commas when I took a late lunchtime stroll there today. Well, not quite alive with them, but in the course of half an hour or so, I had a full half dozen Comma encounters. There was one beauty basking on ground-cover ivy just by my way in; another flew up from beside the path and settled to sun itself on the grassy verge; the, when I sat down on a bench to eat my sandwich, a Comma immediately flew down and settled briefly on the ground beside me, another - quite possibly the same - flew past (or rather round) gracefully, and another (or the same again) returned for a quick bask before I left; and finally, as I made my way out of the park, there was one more pathside basker. Still not a single Red Admiral or Tortoiseshell (or Holly Blue or Orange Tip), but so far this seems to be the Year of the Comma. I hope it doesn't too soon come to a full stop (arf arf).

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