Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Science News

I do wish they'd stop, but I'm afraid they're at it again. This time, the poor saps in the brain scanners are having various kind of drinks sprayed into their mouths, and from their brains' reactions the scientists have concluded, world-shakingly, that the very taste of beer is enough to get the dopamine surging. Or, to put it another way, beer makes you feel happy.
Like many others, I'm sure, I' d been drinking beer for years in a desperate attempt to make myself unhappy. It never seemed to work - and now I know why. Thanks, scientists, for showing me where I was going wrong.


  1. ...and on the same page as your link Nige, you probably noticed the earth-shattering news that puts...well...my whole life into some sort of perspective. Fruit Fly Men that have been given the brush-off by Fruit Fly Girlies drink significantly more alcohol than those males that have a decent chat-up line, and go on to get one of their six legs 'over'. But there is more. The girlies prefer a short duration of the sex act, men like it to last longer. There is no data available on whether they fall asleep quickly afterwards, but I guess with a life-span of about a week, sleep would be time ill-spent, no?

  2. I suspect a little politically correct selectivity in the results of that fruit fly study. It may well be that the horny spurned ones hit the sauce, but why didn't they mention that the conquering lotharios were much more likely to indulge in a post-coital smoke?

  3. Ho ho - great stuff! I somehow missed the fruit flies. Poor things - seem to spend all their lives in the service of science...

  4. Hah. Wouldn't it be a hoot if some nerdy scientist announced breathlessly that, while further research is required, the results of his study on the human brain may have important ramifications for the fruit fly.


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