Tuesday 30 April 2013

Making-Up Is Hard to Do...

Here at NigeCorp, my female colleagues often comment on the number of women to be seen on the Underground and on commuter trains sitting as if in front of their mirror at home and performing their elaborate, often lengthy make-up routines, quite oblivious of their surroundings. Being the kind of gals who wouldn't stoop to such vulgarity, they naturally disapprove of this conduct.
For myself, I find it mildly interesting - especially if it's well done - to see the transformation wrought by a good maquillage. And by Golly you need a steady hand to do it on a moving train... This morning on the Underground, I enjoyed a novel variant on the theme, as the young man sitting next to me set about applying his make-up - toner, mascara and a rather pungent hand cream - and a very good job he made of it. Nice to see a chap make an effort.
Meanwhile, the American basketball star Jason Collins has 'come out' as gay. All very laudable, and Obama and Clinton and co are rushing to praise him for his courage. His coming clean about his sexual orientation has been widely described as 'heroic'. Well maybe, but, as someone remarked drily in a tweet to the Today programme this morning: 'The bar for heroism seems to have been lowered since Normandy.' Quite. 


  1. Yet alone July 16th on the Somme............

    What would our old friend Lt.Gen. Carton de Wiart, VC. have made of it and your travelling companion? I've no clue, but I would be amused to find out.

  2. Let's not forget to honour the brave heros who fight the good fight against depression and substance abuse.