Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Last Swifts?

Yesterday I saw what might well prove to be my last swifts of the summer - a pair, circling lazily over the road I live on, as if summer were just beginning, rather than nearing its end. A late last sighting, though of course I continue to scan the skies in the hope of seeing more.


  1. saw a load of martins in north cornwall at the weekend - the beta version of swifts I feel, although still very lovely in their way

  2. Yes the martins should be around a bit longer, and the swallows - always a joyful sight...

  3. Our swifts went even earlier than usual this year. About the 14th. This reminds me of Edward Thomas's "How at once should I know" about seeing the swallows for the last time.

  4. Sorry, I've just checked and Thomas is talking about the swifts too.


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