Monday 8 September 2014

A Roller and a Forecast

It's not often you see a Rolls-Royce with a commercial logo on the side - in fact, for me, it was a first. But there it was, negotiating a narrow back street in Kensington - a big black Roller, highly polished and looking fresh from the showroom, with the words 'expensive  properties. com' emblazoned over the side doors. I wondered briefly if this was some kind of elaborate situationist satire, but no, it was serious, as indeed was the demeanour of the immaculately turned-out chap behind the wheel. This company with the refreshingly honest name does indeed exist, selling properties whose USP is that they are expensive, just that - not luxurious, desirable, beautiful, just expensive. Very, very expensive. Prices start at £5 million, if you're interested...

Meanwhile, as this Scottish referendum business promises to dominate the news for the next ten dreary days (and, heaven help us, way beyond), it's time for Old Nige to utter his forecast. I  predict that the Scots will vote narrowly to stay in the Union - so narrowly that the rest of the UK will be obliged to appease the Nats by giving them just about everything they wanted, but without the risks and responsibility that would have gone with independence. And Tory England will continue, for most of the time, to find itself lumbered with governments it didn't vote for, beginning with a Milliband 'victory'. Chin up, eh?


  1. I fear your Jock prediction is precisely spot on, Nige.

    I've always been very confident that they'd vote No, and that the No lead would grow the closer the vote got. Well I was wrong about that, it's become decidedly squeaky.


  2. We seem to be doing an awful lot of chins up these days, Mr Nige.

  3. I've often wondered what kind of country the United States would be if it had let the Rebs go their own way in 1860. Less bellicose, certainly, and fewer guns per household. But where would all of the Rust Belt retirees go? And Disney World in Massachusetts seems an absurdity. Perhaps the Civil War was necessary after all.

  4. You may well be right Nige, my prediction is 55/45 in favour of the bog off, don't be stupid campaign. The worry is that the Nationalist's vitriolic, barely disguised racist campaign has permanently roused the rabble. Salmond himself is a nasty, bullying egoist, prone to swimming in a bath of hubris. Many have donned trunks and joined him.
    We at malty towers await events, hands on sword hilts and dusting off those plans, of the exit variety.

  5. From this mornings Scotsman comment section, remarkably lacking in claymore swinging today....
    the last few days I have been in tears about my beloved country, a country which has given me so much in education and in life experiences. A country whose mountains I climbed, whose islands I explored; whose long-distance footpaths I walked. And every moment loving everything about my country - something all my life I have tried to support and publicise world wide.
    to see my country threatening to destroy itself on the back of an unsustainable wish list is just so terribly sad. I want the best for everyone in my country, to have the great experiences I have had through life but so sad to realise that opportunities would evaporate from Scotland if Britain breaks up.
    with the realisation of Scotland's identity which the debate has thrown up there is a great opportunity to go forward and to really create our mark within a united island nation. Sadly if Scotland decides to split then many companies, particularly financial will have to move south. this is a simple reality as most of their consumer base is overseas or in England - Scotland with no bank of last resort because of the currency chaos being wished upon us simply cannot guarantee the deposits. other banks with an international portfolio are sadly looking at their options. Tragically our most talented young people will follow as we create a diaspora similar to Ireland - well educated but residing across the World.
    Please Scotland, for the sake of our beloved land let it simply be a simple 'No thanks' - the opposite is capital and talented outflow which nobody really wants.

    Neatly sums up the madness afoot in the land.