Sunday 7 September 2014

Only in France

Here's an amusing story from France - booksellers are refusing to sell a runaway bestseller, and on principled grounds. Only in France... Indeed the whole story is an 'only in France' one - right through from the wildly improbable elevation of the plainly hopeless Hollande to the Presidency, the catastrophic reign that has seen his popularity plummet to levels almost impossible to measure, certainly way below ISIL - and, on top of that, the tumultuous (and even more improbable) love life, which truly does not bear thinking about, but has now been laid bare for all to read by the vengeful fury Valerie Trierweiler. Well, 'chapeau' to those booksellers, I guess - it's hard to imagine anyone publishing a bestseller so deplorable that British booksellers would refuse to stock it.


  1. Good for them. You have to admire the bookstore that defiantly offers Balzac and Dumas as alternatives. Assuming an Anglospheric bookstore would be so principled, it would likely use the occasion to try to increase sales of Dan Brown or Ten Steps To Getting Everything You Want.

  2. Or even Jeffrey Archer - I see he's got a new one out. I wonder it he's mentioned it on his blog (hem hem)...