Thursday, 19 March 2015

Anyone for Deskfast?

It grieves me to report that today is the first-ever National Deskfast Day. That is to say, it 'is' in the dreams of the various interested parties who are backing the 'A Better Breakfast' campaign that has - I'm sure you've noticed - been sweeping the land all this month (and whose press release has somehow ended up in my appalled hands). These interested parties profess serious concern over the decline in the nation's inclination to guzzle their breakfast products. Breakfast is, they remind us, the 'most important meal of the day' (why?) and should not on any account be skipped. The IPs  - who are concerned, inevitably, to 'celebrate the diversity of breakfast' - are alarmed at the national 'overall decline in breakfast occasions' and blame 'changing consumer lifestyles and a busier schedule ' for pushing breakfast 'down the To-Do list' (well, that's true - I can't remember the last time when 'Eat breakfast' featured on my To-Do list...) But mere busyness and lack of time is no excuse: you can always start your working day by enjoying a 'deskfast' with your merrily munching colleagues - 'a relaxed way to ease into the day and get the mind up to gear [sic]'. Or you could just nail your hand to the desk - it would probably be more fun.


  1. Unfortunately the Dabbler inbox is on the lists of all the PR companies and we get all these press releases and 'research' results. Here's one from the last few minutes:

    Below is a press release based on research which has revealed what men and women around the UK would like their beach bodies to look like this summer, based on the celebrity bodies they most aspire to have. Women would like Jessica Alba’s arms, Charlotte Crosby’s stomach and Taylor Swift’s legs, whilst men would like Chris Hemsworth’s arms, Joe Manganiello’s abs and David Gandy’s legs.

  2. Good lord - I have heard of none of those men. Me I'd go for the Aubrey Beardsley beach body any time.