Tuesday 19 May 2015

Bless their fluffy little heads...

In the course of a fatuous radio discussion on the latest proposal to cut the drink driving limit down to approximately zero, I caught this contribution, which went unremarked: 'Women like to drink white wine, and it's hard for them to work out the size of a glass and how much they're drinking.' It went unremarked because it was spoken by a woman. Just imagine if a man had said it...
'Glass of white wine for the lady,' as Al Murray always says.


  1. Up here (north of the border, that is) our liberally minded SNP have already reduced the limit to a point where simply walking through a bar and sniffing the atmosphere is enough to push one above the figure that the Nicolaodeons consider correct. This, of course, has went down like a lead balloon amongst the rank and file, making the recent conversion to a one party state all the more puzzling.

  2. My Irish father (born in the 1920) had a pretty strong conviction that white wine wasn't much different from water. Only spirits counted as 'the hard stuff'.