Monday 18 May 2015

Buzz Buzz

As I sail into my last three weeks of wage-slavery here at NigeCorp, the pace (much to my chagrin) seems to have been set at accelerando, rising to presto furioso. So much for winding down...  However, my Tube journey this morning was enlivened by the presence of a large and vigorous bumblebee bombinating around the carriage, then flying off (on a subterranean beeline) further down the train. I didn't see where he got off. Or indeed on. But once again this year I'm struck by how well the bumblebees are doing, at least in the London area, flying virtually all year round and seeming more numerous than I remember them ever being - this despite the dire warnings that they are in danger of dying out. Not on my manor, it seems.


  1. You retiring Nige? What are your plans? You'll still write your blog though?

  2. Yes on both counts, Michael - probably more of the blog if anything. I shall be out and about a lot more, once I'm no longer tied to my desk. I am counting the days, believe me...