Sunday, 21 February 2016

Dabbler News

It's a sad day for the blogscape as news comes that The Dabbler is being mothballed, continuing to exist in other forms but not, alas, as a blog.
I'm sure we'll all miss it; in its prime it was a splendid blog, fizzing with life, and I always enjoyed writing for it. It's good to know the mighty archive lives on, accessible to all and full of great stuff (not least Mahlerman's incomparable music posts). Let's hope a dazzling Dabbler Redivivus will emerge in due course.
Meanwhile, fear not, I have no plans to mothball Nigeness.


  1. Sad indeed, Nige, a good friend missing in action, hopefully not for ever. When it emerges from the ashes of the old (nudge-nudge, hint-hint, Brit) I will be the first to proclaim laudate dominium. Or possibly canny move that, the lads.

  2. Well in the short term we're becoming a primarly Facebook-based organ.

    The upsides are: no technical issues or costs; better for chatting and interaction than a blog comments section, which people seem to have largely abandoned (not least because of captcha); and we can publish at random intervals and readers will receive stuff whenever they like, rather than having to check back daily for the latest post.

    The disadvantage is that it's bloody Facebook. But you can always all just sign up and only follow us!

    1. Much against my better judgement and as a result of many a happy hour at Dabbler HQ I will, Goddammit, join the tosser infested site, so there!

  3. And I seem to be there too, tho (as ever) I haven't a feckin clue what I'm doing. Oh brave new world that has such eejits in it...

  4. The trick with Facebook is to unfollow people who are annoying on it - usually because they're very political or they go running a lot and for some reason like to share the fact with the world.

    You can unfollow without de-friending, and they don't know.

    Otherwise you find it puts you off people that you really like in real life.