Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Waking to Pym

I return from the Antipodes, wake after an epic 13-hour sleep (where am I? What time of day is this? What season? etc) and find that my review of Barbara Pym's Quartet in Autumn is on The Dabbler...


  1. Welcome back, Nige!
    Terry Wogan died.

  2. You appeared, Nige, to be so engrossed in southern hemisphere bookshop and bug that we didn't like to warn you, not to return at the moment, as the epidemic of named storms, over sixties rigor mortis and European doings had not yet abated. Indeed the sturm und drang swirls around us yet.

  3. It does indeed Malty - and it was a joy to be without TV, the BBC, English newspapers etc for a month. The news is so much sweeter when filtered through the NZ papers and radio (which is like an endless edition of You& Yours, but somehow rather lovely). Like Brit, I was more affected by the news of the great Wogan's death than that of Bowie...


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