Sunday 28 February 2016

Frank Kelly RIP

Sad to hear that the Irish actor Frank Kelly has died. He will always be remembered for his jaw-dropping portrayal of Father Jack, the foul-mouthed, cantankerous and wholly repellent alcoholic priest, in the classic sitcom Father Ted (a part he had mixed feelings about, but which he performed with absolute commitment).
 Kelly died exactly 18 years to the day after his co-star Dermot Morgan, who played Father Ted.
Here are the two of them in a scene in which Ted valiantly attempts to extend Jack's four-word vocabulary (drink, feck, arse, girls) ahead of a visit by a group of bishops. (In the event, Jack masters his new phrase and greatly impresses one of the bishops with his acute insight, while elsewhere the idiot priest Dougal unwittingly destroys the faith of another bishop...)

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