Friday 11 September 2020

The Death of J.G. Farrell

 The BBC News website has provided this blog with a good deal of innocent fun over the years – see, for example, this and this – so it's only fair to pass on the good news when something worth reading appears there. Today's 'news' included a strangely popular item on the recycling challenge posed by the Pringles carton (and, I might add, many single malt whiskies – nightmare!), but we're going to pass that one by in tactful silence, my point being that today there was also an item worth reading. It was a well made piece on an author I've written about here more than once – J.G. Farrell – and it includes an interesting and terribly sad account of the circumstances of his death.   'He looked at me. And then he turned round and looked at the children...'
I do not recommend following the link to a confected 'outcry' over the forthcoming ITV dramatisation of The Singapore Grip, to which I look forward, not without a degree of trepidation – trepidation that would be rather greater, of course, if it was going out on the BBC. 


  1. I've read his empire trilogy more times than I can remember. Farrell really is the most wonderful writer. What a loss to readers his early death was. I'm afraid I ignored your recommendation not to follow the link..........oh, what tiresome bores they are.

  2. They are indeed. Here's hoping the new adaptation is a success...

  3. Farrell would write about the decline of the civilized world ..