Saturday 7 November 2020

Alan Garner!

 With a big tip of the hat to Chris Hale, I pass on this astonishing image of the author of The Stone Book Quartet. I guess he must have needed the money (and was clearly no whisky drinker if he liked it with ginger ale – but did he really? We'll never know). 
I found Garner's endorsement even more improbable than this more famous one, featuring dear Kingsley and the long-suffering Elizabeth Jane Howard in their well appointed drawing room – 

What a shame Philip Larkin never did an ad for Gordon's gin. 'Very Philip Larkin, very drunk'?


  1. At first glance, "Emigrated to Canada Dry" makes it sound as if traveled on a US naval vessel, or a comparably teetotaling ship.

  2. Ah CC and Dry is an excellent tipple! Very popular here in NZ as it happens- rather more so than in Canada itself...

  3. Yes George – it was a very odd slogan...
    Kate – you've in NZ too long...I used to drink CC years ago, simply because it was cheaper than Scotch at the time. I can't imagine any other reason to drink the stuff. but chaqu'un a son...

    1. In Brazil, I have curiosity in CC. But in Canad√° i finally drink It. It was a linda of disapoint...