Saturday 28 November 2020

Three Years Ago

If Google Photos are to be believed, it was exactly three years ago today that I paid a memorable visit to St Michael's, Church Stowe, in the parish of Stowe Nine Churches in a remote corner of Northamptonshire. The stunning monument there to Lady Elizabeth Carey (previously Danvers, née Neville) convinced me of two things: that Nicholas Stone was a great sculptor, and that the best monuments of the early seventeenth century were among the finest works of art of their time. I wrote something about the redoubtable Lady Elizabeth (and others) here (and, of course, in the book)... 


  1. Wow! Stone's John Donne monument is incredible too. Why is he not better known?

    Have you been to Llaneilian Church in Anglesey? There's a 15th century rood screen with a painting of a skellington with hoofed feet which I like:

    Not a great work of art, but unusual and I am rather fond of it.

  2. I've never actually set foot on Anglesey, but that's a quite amazing rood screen. Thanks Hector.

  3. Anglesey is my favourite place in Britain! Worth the visit just to see the Menai Bridge built by the great Thomas Telford.

    Telford seems to have anticipated art deco for the Menai Bridge toll gates, which are no longer in situ, sadly!

  4. Oh yes, I see what you mean – very 1930s. My brother is a huge fan of Telford, having seen many of his bridges from below while rowing the Severn.