Thursday 29 May 2008

Back When We Were Serious

Mindful as ever of the mental health of my readers, I shall not provide a link to the Daily Mirror's interview with our Home Secretary, 'Jacqui' Smith, mistress of the glottal stop. In it she informs readers that she fancies half the Cabinet, not least Gordon 'Phwoar' Brown. However, she could never, she asserts, fancy a Tory. Do we laugh or cry? Do we imagine a Tory Home Sec informing readers of the Telegraph that he doesn't half fancy that Theresa May, but he could never go for socialist totty? This seems unlikely - double standards prevail here, as elsewhere. Maybe we should just sigh and think back to when we were serious, and serious men (and latterly women) held the high offices of state. In tomorrow's Daily Mirror - Chuter Ede exclusive! I wouldn't mind giving that Barbara Castle one...

1 comment:

  1. If the Currie / Major coupling was mind numbing what if Bessie Braddock and Harold Wilson ever shared a pillow, ouch !
    People in South Shields still talk of old Chuter as "that posh bloke who appeared once a year" in truth I don't think any of his constituents actually knew what he looked like, it was only when I read B.Obstmetres book on Rodgers (I did, honestly) and he mentioned his name that I remembered who he was, vaguely.
    Judging by Jaquies lack of hair product I would guess that men would come second in the fancying stakes