Friday 30 May 2008

Cold (Very) Calls

Dear lord - here's what our 'listening leader' is up to now. It smacks not only of desperation but of derangement (and note he's not even giving his own repsonse but something lashed together by his office). So, what do you do if you get a call from Broon? A referee's whistle is said to be effective with nuisance calls, but that's a bit harsh. Any other ideas? Pretend to be Tony Blair? Tell him you've got all the double glazing you want?


  1. Tell him you can't take the call right now, you're busily breaking up the furniture to keep the fire going,

  2. Presumably the purpose isn't to connect to individuals like Henry V in disguise as Henry le Roi before Agincourt; it is to publicise the fact that he is ringing up voters - the target isn't the individual he talks to but the millions of people who will learn that Gord has picked up the phone. In a democracy the individual is meaningless; but as Kierkegaard pointed out, spiritually speaking only the individual has validity - the mass man (e.g. 123,491 voters won by this latest tactic) is spiritually null.