Wednesday 28 May 2008

The Man on the Street Says It All

The growth of knife crime and other extreme violence among the nation's youth (despite, we are told, a headlong fall in crimes of violence, and by the way God didn't make the little green apples and it don't rain in Indianapolis...) has been much discussed, along all too predictable lines, and anyway it is not the kind of subject Nigeness intends to dwell long on. But this comment in a vox pop on the BBC London News yesterday struck me as worth recording. Asked what was the cause of all this out-of-control violent behaviour among the youth, a genial middle-aged man of Caribbean origin declared: 'It's those liberal-minded people who stopped us kicking them up the bottom. And now they wonder what's gone wrong.'
There's really nothing to add.

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  1. Personally I blame Mr Spock, or was it Dr Spock, or Wok, Dixon of Dock, The Sweeny, Z Cars, The Prisoner, That Was The Week That Was, Blue Peter, Sandy Shaw, Circlip Richards oh, hang on, it was the PARENTS stupid, the kids don't need thrashing, they need the parents to set a good example and be taught the difference between right and wrong, ours that is, not the metrotribes. Oh, and the BBC nuking, now. (for their lifelong, blind support of the PC brigade, come to think of it, they are the PC brigade,) nuke them two days on the trot, time it so that Bill Oddie's collecting his wage packet from accounts.
    Well done that man of Caribbean origin.