Monday 26 May 2008

Fun, You Say...

Well, for those redirected from the ur blog, Thought Experiments, in search of 'fun' - what can I say? Fun is a tricky one on a wet bank holiday Monday morning, when a chap of my constitution should be out striding over the downs on the lookout for butterflies and birds and curious wildflowers. But here I am stuck at home, sitting at the laptop, while outside all is cloud and wind and sheeting rain. What's worse, I awoke to discover that, according to the muesli-knitters who create Radio 4's 'news agenda', the most important thing that had happened in the whole wide world was this, the revival of an idea so deranged and so obviously flawed that even the Guardian and even the government saw through it. But sure enough, there is was - lead item on the News, and lead item post-News, with eco-warrior George Monbiot hailing this breakthrough in the battle against carbon. What a way to start the day.
Still, only the day before yesterday, I was admiring these and these in the garden. They'll be back when the sun comes out. And fun will no doubt return.


  1. I think your clock needs a new counterweight Nige, it's 10.56 up here in sunny, fifteen degrees out of the wind Scotland, just took a sneaky peek at your profile, I knew it, knew it, knew it, you are anonymous after all, could have been worse though, you might have been elberry.

  2. Yesterday was bad Nige, but today the weather in Peckham is biblical - but it didn't seem to halt the march of the lawn-mowing classes, to B&Q and beyond. Expected to see the Ark parked-up in the lake that was now the car-park, and there was no sign of the credit-crunch at the cash-out, with normal looking blokes who, tomorrow, will probably be selling insurance, sweating with rotary-mowers and tins of paint.
    Times like this I try to think Hindus, who believe the whole material world is maya-illusion. The secret lies in letting go of things

  3. what's wrong with being an Elberry? you can all become Elberries if you like, just send me a £50 cheque and i'll send you the id card and membership badge and Rules and expandable baton and everything.