Friday 22 May 2009

20 Olivier, Please

I see it's the 102nd birthday of that ghastly old ham Laurence Olivier. This much I will tell you about him, and await contradiction: He is the only man to have had both a locomotive and a brand of cigarettes named after him. There'll never be another.


  1. Megaluvvie supreme, never knowingly undersold himself, didn't so much speak his parts as backfire them, like Errol and David, looked good on a horse, the rest of the time a boring fart.

    Eat your heart out Louella.

  2. "Try acting, dear boy" to Hoffman one of the great legendary put-downs...

    ...and it seems it's almost true.

  3. I loved him. Best Shakespearean actor I've ever seen (too bad about the ones from earlier centuries; they didn't have film so we can't compare). I believe Kevin Kline needs to play him in a biopic -- they look alike.

    Wait, didn't olive trees get named after him Nige?

  4. Stephen Fawcus23 May 2009 at 15:15

    Never saw him on stage but I'm not a fan of much of his film work. Henry V was impressive but overall I think film didn't really suit him.
    Ralph Richardson, on the other hand, was always worth watching, I think it's the way he often seemed to be thinking of something else he'd rather be doing.

  5. Brilliant as Archie Rice in Osborne's The Entertainer at the Royal Court in 1956: a prescient role, as the superannuated old ham.