Wednesday 20 May 2009

The Weight

As I'm sure you don't need telling, today is World Metrology Day - that global celebration of, er, weights and measures. Me I'm dresssed as a giant weight, labelled '1 Cwt', to mark the occasion. But a day like this obviously calls for a Fantasy Concert. Here's the line-up.
Confirmed so far:

Sly and the Family Stone
Miles Davis
Rod Stewart
Gram Parsons
The Human League
The Yardbirds

Any more?


  1. Joey Joe Joe Jr.20 May 2009 at 11:33

    Barry Mankillow?

  2. Two-TON Tessie O'Shea and GIL Scott-Heron("The Revolution will Not Be Televised")? Now what a shame they never got to perform together.

  3. Joey Joe Joe Jr.20 May 2009 at 11:58

    It's a global celebration of metric weights and measures, Nige, though I appreciate the decision not to limit the fantasy concert puns to le systeme international d'unites. An admirable reactionary impulse to those Brussels beaurocrats forcing us to use grams and kilos rather than pounds and ounces at the marketplace. Or did you struggle to find any stage names sounding like 'centimeter'?

  4. Well there's always Hectare Berlioz I suppose... Hang on - Nine Inch Nails has just confirmed.

  5. Kate Bushel, Rod Stewart (aaargh!!), Getz Gilberto, Little Feet.

    A tribute to Gregory Peck (the AA Gill karaoke squad). As the council inspectors arrive to close it down, encores by Madness.

  6. Presumably this will be the Isle Of Weight Festival?

  7. Mama Cass and the Kilo of Porkchops.

  8. May 2009 at 12:51

    Don't forget the pre-metric Jesus & Mary CHAIN

  9. olivia NEWTON john

    I can't think of a single famous musician called Kelvin though :(

  10. Miles can come as long as he leaves that bleedin flugelhorn at home.

    I will attend only if Humphrey Lyttletonne and the Rolling Stones are included.

  11. Anyone remember Alice IN CHains?

    Sorry, I couldn't be bothered searching around for good puns fur long.

    Again, sorry.

  12. There's always Ozzy Osbourne. He would see off the men from the council.

  13. It woz metrication that ruined the British way of life, who wants 25.4 mm when you can have 1", and then there's the template, in Paris of all places.

    Bring back 63/64ths, that's wot I say.

  14. For The Weight gig,I'm sure our
    ami Hector Burlyoz could give
    a few fantastique tunes.

  15. Weight for it, weight for it, the concert must end with Martinu's Gill gamesh.

  16. with charlie watts on drums and jewel on vocals