Thursday 14 May 2009

After Lincoln...

Canterbury. The cathedral is up there with Lincoln and York as one of the great buildings of Europe, the historic town is full of interest and easy on the eye, I've always found it a very agreeable place to visit - but there's something missing, isn't there? Some nagging deficiency... Now I realise what is is - Canterbury is simply not gay enough. Of course. Lincoln is famously gay, York is gay as a pipe cleaner - but Canterbury, oh dear me. I don't think I'll be going back until it's a whole lot gayer - though I do rather wonder how I'd know...


  1. Nonsense, Canterbury is as camp as a row of tents. It's always the ones that pretend to be butch that are secretly screaming, oldest trick in the book.

    Broadstairs is also good to its mother, I've heard.

  2. You're right Brit - and I've heard Deal is good with colours (actually, come to think - didn't Charles Hawtrey live there?).

  3. haha yes Charles Hawtrey lived in Deal - I used to live there too and have heard many stories about him, nearly all of which revolved around the fact that he was a horrible little misanthrope with bad personal hygiene and an inability to buy anyone a drink. There are many geriatric friends of dorothy living in Deal - normally a good sign that it's a good place to invest in the property market!

    If canterbury cathedral is a gay man, I would liken it to Stephen Fry.

  4. Will - you've ruined Canterbury Cathedral for me now!

  5. I would say Canterbury was more Rock Hudson.

    Gloucester Cathedral is Francis Bacon and Ely is EM Forster. Yorkminster obviously WH Auden and it goes without saying that Liverpool Metropolitan is Derek Jarman.

    I'd argue St Paul's is Freddie Mercury but that's a controversial one in the Cathedral/Gay Celebrities arena.

  6. mmm...I picked Stephen Fry because in my eyes canterbury is quintessentially english, big on history, and a rather big and lumpy

    rock hudson was too handsome!

    agree with all your others though!

    what about Wells?

  7. Which one is Toni Blair?

  8. Tony Blair is a small 1970's red brick catholic church in Crawley

  9. Yes! - with one of those big ugly illuminated crosses on the roof...
    And for any newcomers, welcome to Nigeness, the blog that outs cathedrals - and even towns. We know no fear.

  10. We know no fear, we know no fact, we know absolutely nothing.

  11. Funny subject this, gay cathedrals, we sometimes visit friends in York and do go and goggle, on every occasion the joint has been awash with those ladies who refuse to wear hair products, it's a sort of a, kind of a, Radclyffe Hall type of place.
    Odd that, in the same way that the writer of Clockwork Orange was colour blind.
    Cathedral outers of the world unite, ducky.

    Will, another one of my icons sent crashing to the ground, private Widdle, a cad, whatever next.

    Dare one mention Coventry, very Britten / Pears / Vishnevskaya .

    In case you ask, oh yes she bloody well was.

  12. Dead right about York, Malty - it even figures in Ronald Firbank (Vainglory?) - a couple of spinsters who live on Whipma Whopma Street, say no more...