Wednesday 30 November 2011

Adopt Late, If At All...

Rather a good piece here on the many and various virtues of being a late adopter (and a mender) - and here's another, more sobering piece about the hidden cost of all this endless upgrading. Needless to say, I am a very tardy adopter myself (if I bother adopting at all - I certainly feel no urge to own a games console or a large-screen TV). For my listening pleasure when I'm on the move, I am happy to rely on a teaplate-sized CD Walkman and a chunky radio-cassette player, both of which earn me bemused or pitying looks on the train. I have my beloved MacBook of course, and a decent digital camera, but these were both bought for me, and I've yet to learn how to download, or upload or whatever it is, pictures from the camera (must get round to that). When it comes to mobile phones, I am more than satisfied with my 'design classic' Siemens A62 (which I got for, I think, £6.99 on eBay). Oddly - in a reversal of the normal state of affairs - my primitive machine now looks strangely small compared to a modern iPhone. Rather elegant, in fact...


  1. surely there's an irony to a late adopter buying their retro phone....on ebay!

  2. I fear I took to eBay like a duck to water, Worm...

  3. Yes Nige, you and I form a film of scum on the balance sheets of these 'providers' - they don't really want us unless we want to 'move up'. Some bright spark rang me the other day (you know the sort, all wax no wick) to let me know I was 'out of contract', going on to offer me a new iPhone 4S free! I told him my Samsung B2100 that works underwater and will survive a drop onto concrete from 30 metres was working beautifully. I could make calls. And from time to time people called me. And no, I didn't need any of the other stuff that the Apple will do. I'm on 300 minutes and unlimited texts, and I pay just over seven quids a month. They are practically paying me to use the service!

  4. Maybe it is because I travel a lot, but that iPhone sure is handy.

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