Friday 18 November 2011

Non-hydrating Water

After long study, the finest minds of Europe have decreed that water is quite powerless against dehydration. It is only a matter of time before they declare that breathing is of no proven benefit to health. Or that the Euro has been a resounding success - no, hang on, they've already declared that one...


  1. Quite mad, but this is what happens when you surrender your national sovereignty. Those wise enough to retain theirs remain free to make proper science-based decisions on the dietary needs of their citizens.

    One of the up-sides of an EU collapse will be that Westminster will be free again to declare the British sausage a blood-thinning health food.

  2. That's a very sound ruling Peter - esp as tomato sauce/paste is very much more nutritious than the raw tomato (fact). I've always thought pizzas got an undeservedly bad press - though I suppose it depends on the pizza, whether you've deep-fried it, etc...