Monday, 2 July 2012

One for Mr Piper

Also on the Kentish walk was this fine ruin of a church - St Mary, Eastwell. It was largely demolished in the Fifties after the nave roof fell in, probably as a result of tank manoeuvres in the adjacent landscaped park. What remains has the kind of striking romantic beauty that would surely have had John Piper setting up his easel, had he happened to pass this way.
Piper, he of the dark dramatic washes and turbid skies, once painted some characteristic views of Windsor Castle, which George VI looked over and remarked amiably: 'You seem to have very bad luck with your weather, Mr Piper.'
Anyway, St Mary, Eastwell, is a Piper crying out to be painted. Some enterprising computer type should develop an app to Piperise your photographs, turning your snapshot of a country church into something along these lines. It would liven up those holiday snaps no end...

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