Tuesday 24 July 2012

Tube Reading

Sitting opposite me on the Tube this morning was a young woman intently reading a book whose title I couldn't make out. She was reading with furrowed brow and intense, almost anguished concentration. What dark, knotty text was the poor woman wrestling with, I wondered? As I got off the train, I glanced across and saw what it was - The Diary of a Nobody! I guess some people just don't see the funny side... Meanwhile, over on The Dabbler, I'm writing about a man who most definitely did see the funny side.


  1. I guess it could be confusing to people - and I suppose it could also be a revelation to some, that they are more pooterish than they like to admit!

  2. I heard it on the radio as a little child and absolutely loved it, but not because I thought it funny, more that I wanted to know what would happen next - v odd as nothing much does. I thought 'Come Ins' and 'Goings' such peculiar names too. When I read it again only a year ago I was a bit disapointed, expecting to laugh on every page. So perhaps I'd look a little like the woman on the train.