Tuesday 5 August 2014

Over on the Dabbler...

There's me on Ricks on Keats and embarrassment.

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  1. Read your Dabbling Nige on C. Ricks. Keats and Embarrassment came out just before I went to University and I aways wondered what Keats was embarrassed about and what on earth Ricks was on about. Regrettably essay deadlines on Montaigne and Dante prevented my ever reading the book. Now it seems that Keats was embarrassed to be thinking about others having sex. Am I right? Is that what the mermaids/seaweed business is about? Was Keats a bit virginal and squeamish about it all? I love Keats but it reminded me of Byron's comment reference to Keats as "the masturbatory poet" (could be apocryphal). What's all this embarrassment business about? Can you help?