Monday, 25 August 2014

Sign of the Times?

Talking of the Today programme, as we were the other day (and so often before - truly it 'sets the agenda for the day', alas), I noted recently that John Humphrys, while interviewing some big wheel in the warmist world, mentioned the inconvenient truth that 'global warming' has barely happened over the past 15 years or so. I wondered if this might be a sign that the times are changing, that even the BBC might now be open to a degree of scepticism that would have been condemned as heretical just a couple of years ago. Well, the other day I happened on this story on the BBC News website, which looks like a hopeful sign - up to a point. The 'pause' story is never presented in terms of 'Whoops, looks like we were wrong' but only as a case of certain factors having been overlooked - and, in this case, the new prediction is that warming will be even worse when it does happen. In other words, we might have got it hopelessly wrong last time, but this time we're right, you'd better believe it, there can't possibly be any factors we're overlooking. Hmm...


  1. Cooling is natural, but you cause warming.

  2. An even more important change of tone recently was the last IPCC report's stress on mitigation (ie adapting to warming) rather than prevention. That could save wasting a few trillion with any luck.

  3. Yes, if they can turn round the warmist supertanker in time. Given the power of groupthink and sheer inertia - not to mention the thousands of dependent careers - I'm not hopeful...

  4. First, it's called "climate change", not "global warming". (Even a few of us Americans are clued into that.) That's why "" isn't called "". (They "celebrated" going over 400 this past year.) . You really don't want me to waste my time referring you to thousands of articles by scientists with real credentials -- that tell a story quite different from yours. (A very recent example can be found at That aside, I love your blog and especially enjoyed coming across your Willa Cather - J. L. Carr postings from 2012! Keep it up.

  5. Well thanks Spikeyboy - but I was quoting the IPCC this time...


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