Tuesday 7 April 2015

At Last!

Yesterday warm sunshine came at last, and with it the hoped-for butterflies. On my morning stroll, I was treated to Brimstones galore (especially welcome as I saw strangely few last autumn), my first Peacocks of the year, an early Speckled Wood, a Comma and more Tortoiseshells (the recovery goes on, hurrah!). This means that I have now seen six species so far this year - which is exactly where I stood this time last year, except that then the six included both Large and Small Whites: no Tortoiseshell till later in April, and no Red Admiral, bizarrely, till May. Every butterfly year is different, but the start of it always stirs the soul and lifts the spirits - they're back, spring is truly here!


  1. I saw such a bright brimstone today. It was like a trumpet blast announcing spring. Hooray!

  2. Hooray indeed! And, for a wonder, this glorious weather is still with us.