Thursday, 9 April 2015


Some while back, I mentioned (while celebrating French pylon design) that a competition had been launched to find a new design for British electricity pylons. Well, now we have the result - and it seems to me that, yes, the best pylon won. While it lacks Gallic charm, it's a notably simple and elegant design - indeed so elegant that an incredulous interviewer on the radio this morning asked if it wasn't going to blow down or fall over (the answer is no, by the way). Here's an in-depth report on it all, and scrolling down through the shortlisted designs reveals some real eyesores - though you have to admire H&J Architecture for ignoring the brief altogether. A word of warning though - don't scroll down too far or you'll come across the hideous visage of Chris 'Jailbird' Huhne.


  1. The winner is very elegant and unobtrusive unlike some of the other submissions. Thank heavens it's not 'visually dynamic', as the blurb for one of them states - pretty much always code for big hulking in-your-face brute.