Thursday, 30 April 2015

Dickie Davies: The Eyes Have It

Eighty-two years old today is Dickie Davies, the fondly remembered long-time presenter of ITV's World of Sport. A touch of Poliosis gifted Dickie with a trademark white streak through the centre of his fine bouffant hair. This streak inspired the short-lived rhetorical question, 'Do badgers take a picture of Dickie Davies to the barbers'?' (or was it the other way round?). But Dickie's immortality was assured by Half Man Half Biscuit in their strangely beautiful, if vituperative, song Dickie Davies Eyes... Happy birthday, Dickie!


  1. A contestantt when asked to provide the name of the BBC motor racing correspondent required a hint: “you suck on it”
    “of course, Dickie Davies”

  2. He still looks the same now. He sat behind me in the theatre last year.

    Does Poliosis deliver eternal youth as well as Brockian tendencies?