Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Fishy 2

How many Surrealists does it take to change a light bulb?
'Fish', it seems, is also the answer to the question: Which non-human life-form do politicians like to reach for when being photographed? Dead fish are most definitely the preferred option with today's vote-chasing political leaders - perhaps they think a glazed-eyed gaping cod will make them look good by comparison? There's a report on the phenomenon in The Times (mostly lurking behind a paywall, alas) with a picture of Boris Johnson cradling a codfish, while BBC News has Nick Clegg scrutinising a Ling. Ed Milliband seems to be steering clear of fish, perhaps fearing invidious comparisons, but the pioneer in this field - the master fish-wrangler - is of course David Cameron, who never misses an opportunity to look at fish. And we should also put in a word for Kim Jong Un, a man capable of looking at a great many fish at the same time.  


  1. Now, now Nige. Let's get our taxonomy right. Boris is cradling a farmed Salmon and Cleggie is looking a Hake in the eye.

    Pedantry rules, OK

  2. Well shame on Boris - but well chosen Cleggy!

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