Friday 6 June 2008

Diego and Henry

On a happier note, today is the birthday of a man with a good claim to be
the greatest painter who ever lived - Diego Velazquez - a birthday marked
by a Las Meninas masthead on the Google title page. This purports to be a
virtual reality tour of the painting - needless to say, it's too much for
NigeCorp technology to handle.
Today is also the birthday - the 112th - of dear old Henry Allingham, who attributes his longevity to 'cigarettes, whisky and wild, wild women – and a sense of humour'. Here's to him.


  1. I would imagine meeting Simon Hughes dented his sense of humour, could never get my tongue around the word Velazquez, agree with you about his place in history, just behind Gerhard Richter (oops, sorry Nige)

  2. Thought that comment may have been a smidgen cynical (a geordie signature i'm afraid) I asked Malty junior (the clans artistic faction who was responsible for introducing me to Richter,) to call into the Dom, on his way to sample the delights of Koln's brauhaus, and give me his thoughts on Gerhard's windie (in the south transept, based on one of his colour charts) bear in mind the interior of the Dom is weapons grade Gothic horror, "beauty surrounded by the beast, you could happily die sitting in front of it". Must have been his turn to pay tonight.
    Late Nov / all Dec there's a Richter exhibition at the Scottish National.