Wednesday 11 June 2008


Like, I suspect, most of the country - and unlike the media and the Westminster villagers - I am not exactly consumed with passion about this 42-day business, either pro or con. As I walked the lanes of Surrey yesterday, it never so much as entered my mind. There seem to be good arguments on both sides, but the great Captain B himself can see no compelling reason for 42 days. What's more, that renowned political sage Vivienne Westwood has, I see, come out with a firm No... And so it goes on. But the talk today of £3,000 a day (!) compensation for those wrongly detained beyond 28 days - carefully stirred up by a government that has no intention of enacting any such thing - takes the whole business into the realm of sheer madness. Rather like Ed Balls yesterday defending anti-poverty measures that have simply made people poorer, or threatening to deal firmly with 'failing schools', as if they weren't the product of a failing government. Bug-eyed Balls seems to have gone mad without even getting a sniff of high office. Perhaps that is the way these days. And to think we might have two more years of this...


  1. Glad to see you are watching Nige....more than I can say for old grumpy who seems to have had a funny turn during his US jaunt. That £3000 a day has given me an idea Nige- got any fertiliser in the garage? I'll buy the false beards and turbans.

  2. Excellent idea - I'll start asking around the local fertiliser stores, speaking very clearly and positioning myself next to the CCTV...
    As for B, he needs carbohydrate and booze (even if his body doesn't). I might be having a 'drink' with him before the week's out...

  3. Steady there chaps, remember Oppenheimer, the feds got him.