Sunday 15 June 2008

Replacing Humph? Harumph!

As I write, I'm looking forward with a mix of dread and delight to Radio 4's Humph Sunday - mostly delight, the dread being a response to syrupy Stephen Fry's involvement in the project. I posted on Bryan's blog when Humphrey Lyttelton died. The particular, eccentrically shaped hole his death left in Radio 4 and the nation's life seems quite unfillable - yet there is much talk of replacing him as chairman of I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue. For myself, I'm against any such project - but if it has to happen, as I fear it will, who would be best? Ideas, please - and anyone who suggests Stephen Fry will incur my very special wrath...


  1. Weather report first Nige, 11 degrees and a mixture of sun and cloud, once again the conversation turns to emigration, "shall we take the plunge", Europe beckons.
    Replacement for HL, is that possible ?
    Bill Bailey or Mark Lammar perhaps, not as outlandish as you might at first think. I couldn't agree more about Fry, busily swimming in his own cleverness.

  2. Must be 20 or so here, Malty - sun out most of the morning. Interesting thoughts on HL...

  3. Might I suggest Stephen Fry? I think he'd be perfect for the role.

    Now wrath me, Nige. Wrath me...

  4. Oh Richard, bless you, what a lovely - nay, capital - idea. Perhaps we could get together and discuss it further over a cup of Mr Twining's excellent tea and some lovely buttery crumpets.
    I am almost indecently agog, believe me, with excited anticipation.
    Stephen Fry

  5. Dear sweet and rather presumptuous-if-I-might-say-so Mr. Anonymous,

    Fret not that I have caught you out pretending to me, the humbler-than-thine-self Stephen, but you must really amuse yourself with more worthy games on these blessed occasions when the doctors and nurses allow you out of the home. As for taking over from the late and much missed Humphrey, I am quite busy at the moment with QI, my tour of the American states, and, indeed, with various writing projects. I will wait with my ears ajar for the announcement of the new presenter but would hope, if indeed 'hope' is not too silly and foolish a word for the act of supplication on one’s knees, that the saintly Nigel will consider any offer that comes his way.

    Loving you all to bits, indeed, to atoms, microscopic to the eye but not to the heart, which will soon be clogged with their wonderful bittyness,


  6. Just a latish thought, saw Simon Callow some years ago doing his solo Dickens, spellbinding, has the persona, the humour?
    That was a rollicking free plug Bryan gave that bloke off the telly.