Tuesday 24 June 2008

Torturers For A McCain Victory

Things seem to have gone quiet on the US election front - probably because Hillary’s piped down at last - so it’s good to hear that plucky oldster John McCain (GSOH, own teeth) has a new backer. This bird-fancying retiree, amateur ballroom dancer and former torturer clearly likes the cut of McCain’s jib, despite all those shameless lies about people being tortured in his former gaff. How ungrateful to spread such stories about your hosts.


  1. We at schloss Malty are unable to take McCain seriously, we think of potato chips and he looks and acts like Ted Dexter from the Mary Tyler Moore show, of course, you may not remember that one Nige, have you booked your time on Gormleys plinth yet, I would suggest the early shift, about 4PM.

  2. Ted Dexter - wasn't he a cricketer, Malty?

  3. Oops Nige, Ted Baxter, either senility is setting in (some say it started at 21) or I will have to buy some genuine reading glasses, as opposed to Borders Books specials.