Monday 30 June 2008

NHS - The Way We Were

As the NHS - still regarded by more than half the population as 'the envy of the world' - approaches its 60th birthday, and Lord Darzi of Desert Island Discs prepares to unveil the most important report in the entire history of the service (hem hem), I pass this on without comment. Enjoy. Reminds me of when I had my tonsils out...


  1. The dark haired one on the left looked like my mum. 60 years, that's how long I had to wait for a doctors appointment, whatever you do Nige, don't get me started on the NHS.

  2. 60 years, that's a long time to take developing a new strain or two of wonder bug, MRSA is now highly refined, C Diffucile however, taking a little bit longer, we will just have to be patient, oops we are patients, or guinea pigs as the NHS would say. Anyone know of a good Physio (not private), GP, or Dentist, have medical condition, will travel.

  3. But Michael Moore assured the world it was wonderful.