Monday 12 October 2009

BBC Accepts Global Cooling!

Well, not quite - but this is not the kind of thing you expect to emanate from the mighty BBC News operation. Is it perhaps a sign that the climate of opinion is finally beginning - just beginning, painfully slowly - to change? The conclusion of the piece does seem remarkable, in the context: 'One thing is for sure. The debate about what is causing climate change is far from over.' Really? That's for sure? The official line from our political leaders and consensus scientists is that the debate is indeed over, and those who question the consensus are liable to get harsh treatment - see,for example, this. No doubt the BBC's strange misconception will be corrected in due course.


  1. To be frank, Nige, sounds as likely as a vegetarian spider*.

    *Sceptical global warming articles aside, any paper that has that as their top story deserves to be followed. Even if it is Canadian.

  2. Ha! Yes indeed - I was thinking of posting on that, but it speaks for itself really doesn't it...

  3. A carnivorous butterfly, on the other hand, really would need a post.

  4. Even if it is Canadian

    I heard that. Whenever I come across this kind of quirky scientific article, I like to skip right to the end for the money quote that reveals the earth-shattering significance of the discovery. Will it oblige us to completely reconsider the very foundations of biology? Did it put the origins of life back a gazillion years? Have the chimps been muscled out as homo sapiens's closest relative?

    Alas, such intellectual rigour appears not to be for my poor countrymen. But as we are almost universally described by that nebulous adjective "nice", surely we know of what we speak when we say that this spider has personality!

  5. I had a feeling that would smoke you out Peter.