Friday 23 October 2009

Shaving News

Long-term readers of this blog may recall my dalliance with the improbably futuristic Azor... Since then my ardour has cooled, to the point where I gave up on the thing altogether and reverted to the trusty Gilette Fusion. However, the other day I spotted Azors on sale at half price - yes, half price, and with two spare blades thrown in. Who could resist? Not me - but, before ripping the plastic casing off the new Azor (no easy feat), I thought I'd see if there was any shave left in the old one. To my surprise, it's still shaving well - indeed it shows no sign of blunting. That Endurium coating must work, after all... At this rate the new Azor with its two spare blades will see me out - or certainly last until there are no more Azors to be had. Which, I fancy, won't be long. It's a razor ahead of its time.


  1. On the wall behind me, the blackboard is marked in two columns .. pro's and con's, under the section "blogs/Nigeness, in the con's column is writ large "introduced to fusion shaving kit by Nige, AND THE COST OF SPARE BLADES". As our purchasing director, AKA Frau Malty, remarks every time she buys them.."how much?"
    Males will note with interest the phrase "every time she buys them"
    The pro's column is, of course, full to overflowing.

  2. Thanks for the update, Nige.

    Careful with that Azor though. I calculated that each shave with it cost me 7.8p and three pints of blood.

  3. I've looked up endurium in wikipedia and it turns out its not a real element. :(