Tuesday 8 May 2012

'Dear Friend...'

I got back to work this morning to find a message from Allah in my inbox - which doesn't happen every day.
Allah addresses me as 'Dear Friend' and goes on: 'Your email was suggested as someone  who may have heard of God (Allah) [yes, the name does ring a bell] and it was suggested I reach out to you, personally. I am God Allah and looking to people for purposes previously explained by the church or mosque, i.e. The Resurrection. If you'd like to help get something started, email Me [I like that upper-case M] back. Emergency Message, Allah'.
Allah supplies two email addresses: God@llah.us and god@trinityholy.info - and a PO Box number in San Mateo, California.
Call me Mr Infidel, but I don't feel inclined to respond...
Meanwhile, over on the Dabbler, I ponder Kingsleys.


  1. oooh I would want to respond!! Think of the amazing wind ups you could do

  2. Isn't it always the way? God called while you were out

    1. And isn't that the wonder with credit card numbers? No need to worry about being in or out, just send us a few c/o God, San Mateo, California and we'll do the rest.

  3. Truly, He moves in mysterious ways.

  4. Not for you Nige, turbans don't go well with a cravat.