Wednesday 9 May 2012

La Tristesse de Clegg

Why does Nick 'Capability' Clegg always look so sad? Even at yesterday's touching ceremony in which he renewed his vows with Squire Cameron, he looked as if he was about to burst into tears, Is he nursing a secret sorrow, or just trying to give the impression of un homme serieux and man of destiny, rather than Cameron's 'favourite political joke'? This ridiculously entertaining website (which had me chuckling at length) has come up with an ever increasing range of inspired explanations for Clegg's enduring tristesse. Enjoy... The other mystery about Clegg is that he can't wear a suit - he always looks like a schoolboy in his first suit, bought off the peg from the 50 shilling tailor. Suits never hang right on Cleggy - perhaps it's all those concealed pockets stuffed with his latest plans for Squire Cameron's park?


  1. Before the 2010 election, Clegg revealed that he "often weeps" when listening to the Four Last Songs by Strauss. This almost made me warm to him. It may also explain his dolour.

  2. Poor Clegg, ever the butt never the buttress. Unlike Ronnie Corbett he does not know his place.