Friday 11 May 2012

Wicked Men

I wasn't paying much attention - it was Thought for the Day after all - but on the radio this morning that glum Scotsman called 'John Bell of the Iona Community' airily lumped together terrorist leaders, paedophile gangs and those of us who have our doubts about Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change (CACC). This seemed a little harsh, but then, as I say, it was Thought for the Day, so I don't suppose anyone noticed. He was lumping these strange bedfellows together as examples of distinctively male-dominated fields of heinous activity - paedophilia, terrorism, climate change scepticism... I can't imagine why: in my experience, both sides of the CACC debate are overwhelmingly male, as strident debates tend to be, women having more sense and better things to do. As far as I've noticed among the people I know, there's no particular tendency in either direction among men or women.
Anyway, on the way to the station this morning, a small nondescript bird that I'm sure must have been a Cetti's Warbler was warbling away merrily from an elder bush. Probably a sign of climate change.


  1. Only a quarter of TFTD's contributors are women. Another male dominated field of heinous activity.

    BTW I believe it's been re-branded 'climate disruption'.

  2. Disruption I like - whatever happened to good old Global Warming? Events, I suppose (or non-events)...